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Catherine Folnovic




Laura, John & James: Congratulations (Auntie) Catherine! We're super proud and celebrating with you from Ontario. Enjoy your free time over the holidays!

Sheena Folnovic: I'm so proud of you, congratulations on your degree. I hope you will be able to have some stress free time now that you are finished. You should be proud of all you accomplished and I look forward to see what you are up to next!

Rebecca Leung: Congratulations, Catherine! It's been awesome getting to know you through SAASC and even meet you in Atlanta! May all of your archives dreams come true. ;-) Enjoy not having to turn in assignments!

Dr Lisa Daulby: Congratulations Catherine! I am so thrilled for you! It has be a privilege working with you.

Amanda Mellinger: Congratulations Catherine! It has been a pleasure working with you!

Melissa Rupp: Congratulations! It was great working with you the first year of SAASC! Good luck in your future goals!!

Dr. Pat Franks: Way to go Catherine! Accomplish as much in your profession as you did while in MARA and you're certain to be a huge success.

Catherine Folnovic

The degree of

Master of Archives and Records Administration

Virtual Convocation


Current residence: Regina, Canada

I wanted to earn a masters degree because:

I wanted to grow professionally and have the opportunity to advance my career in the archives and records management profession.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:

my professors, colleagues and family.

While in the program, I met classmates from:

primarily North America, but a few from South America and Europe.

What I liked best about online learning was:

the flexibility it afforded me. I was able to keep working full-time in an archives and records management environment while earning my degree.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at the SJSU School of Information was:

meeting wonderful people and getting actively involved in student leadership.

I plan to use my degree to:

advance my career in the archives and records management profession.

Now that I have completed the program, I'm most looking forward to:

having more free time to travel and be creative.