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Kelly Jeanne Whalen




Fida: Way to go! Good job!!

Robert: Congratulations... feels good doesn't it? LOL.. now you'll have to figure out what to do with all that time you don't have to spend studying anymore. I'll teach you the official librarian handshake and password once you receive your diploma.

Kim : It has been very inspiring to see your commitment and dedication to you goals with all your other commitments you have had! Congratulations!

Sarah: I am really proud of your dedication to complete your Masters, while balancing the rest of life. It's so hard, but as you know also so very rewarding. You're a rock star Kelly congratulations!!

Jana: Way to go, Kelly! Hope you're breathing a big sigh of relief to all that work behind you. I'm really impressed with your ability to earn a Master's degree while working full-time. Think of all those homework-free days ahead! Congratulations.

Amelia: Congratulations on a job well done. You're an inspiration.

Jan: So excited for you, Kelly! Back to back degrees in such a short time while working full time, HUGE accomplishment! Hope you have something restful and fun planned to celebrate!

Laura: Congratulations, Kelly! You've done what a lot of people say they want to do, but never manage to get done- it's a real accomplishment. Bravo!

David: Congratulations Kelly, that is awesome! Hopefully now you can rest a bit and use your time off for vacations instead of school work.

Nancy: Congratulations on achieving your long sought goal! We were with you every step of the way. Now you can truly enjoy your success!

Yesenia: Your work ethic has been nothing short of motivational! Congrats on earning your Master Degree. I am inspired Kelly!

Kelly Jeanne Whalen

The degree of

Master of Library and Information Science

Virtual Convocation


Current residence: Oregon City, OR, US

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:

My family and co-workers

While in the program, I met classmates from:

All over the U.S. and abroad

What I liked best about online learning was:

The ability to learn on my schedule

What I enjoyed most about my experience at the SJSU School of Information was:

The Teachers

Now that I have completed the program, I'm most looking forward to:

Spending more time with my family