Dr. Sandra Hirsh

Director of the SJSU School of Information

Dear Students, Faculty, Colleagues, Family and Friends,

Welcome, and thank you for joining us for our school’s inaugural virtual convocation to celebrate our graduates’ achievements! Today we honor those who have completed doctorates, post-master's certificates, master’s degrees, and teacher librarian credentials. All have worked hard to achieve their goals, and we are extremely proud of every one.

Our graduates have completed rigorous coursework and gained essential knowledge about their chosen career pathways—and they've learned so much more.

In a world where technology has become part of our daily lives, they've mastered the art of working online. Our graduates have learned to assess and apply technology, and to teach others to do the same. They've become problem solvers and critical thinkers, curious explorers who are willing to try new things. These are essential competencies for the 21st century.

Our graduates have learned to work globally, across cultures and time zones. Studying with an international community, they've discovered the need to communicate clearly and organize effectively, to collaborate with virtual teams and respect diverse ideas. They've met those challenges head on.

But they didn't stop there. These graduates also completed internships, edited our school’s Student Research Journal, and led award-winning student chapters of professional associations. Many, at the same time, were caring for families or working at jobs. These are special people who are dedicated to the profession and to personal service.

Our graduates have been an essential part of our learning community, and I hope they will continue to be. Our school—and our profession—would not be what it is without them.

My warmest congratulations to all of our school’s graduates!

Sandra Hirsh, PhD
Professor and Director, School of Information
San José State University