Eddy Hamelin


Debbie Faires: Congratulations to the peer mentor of the Libr 203 peer mentors! You have done a fabulous job with your coursework and with making connections with so many others in the program. Your dedication to archives and Fort Ord have been inspiring. Cheers!

Hope Glenn : Your (super quick) progress on the ePort inspired me to be productive with mine when I had no motivation (which was often). Thanks for all the support you have given in the ePort group and congratulations!

Haneen Odeh: Congratulations, Eddy! Thank you for your guidance and positive attitude as the mentor to our Baker's Dozen peer mentor group. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Rene Radusky: Congrats, Eddy! Can't say how glad I am to have gotten to know you. Working with you as a peer mentor was truly an honor. Now if we could just work being archivists together...

Donna Romeo: To the nicest most supportive person I know! Congrats my friend.

Annie Pennington: Congrats, Eddy! Thanks for being there for me and for all of your encouragement along our journey. I enjoyed working with you as a Peer Mentor. You are a great friend and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Laureen Diephof: I’m proud of your accomplishment, Eddy.

Kayleen Kaufman: Congratulations have worked really hard and alot of hours for your achievements!!!Hope you can enjoy a little FUN time in between making money tome.Proud of you FRIEND!love you,Kayleen

Jolene Kemos: SO great to meet you Eddy! Congratulations! I'm still looking forward to that cup of coffee in Moss Landing!

Nora K White: Congratulations Eddy! You should be very proud to have attended SJSU for it is a distinguished college. I know because my grandson graduated last year too. Good luck in your career!

Carla Hamelin (Eddy's Wife): My Dear very proud of you, you are such an inspiration! ♥

Marisa M. Jimenez: Congratulations, Eddy! I enjoyed volunteering with you as an moderator for Library 2.0 in the fall 2014! I wish you all the best.

Tanya : Mom and I would like to wish you a happy graduation congratulations

Courtney Kesinger: Congratulations! I've really enjoyed working with you as a Peer Mentor. You're such an awesome and supportive person. Congrats again!

Jim Uebbing: Congratulations Eddy.You were a great peer-mentor mentor. Good luck in all your future endeavors!.

Nancy Steinmann: Congratulations Eddy! You were a great inspiration to me and I am proud to be in the same graduating class as you! Best of luck in your future career and hope to see you at a library conference one of these days!

Kelley Wantuch: It was nice working with you Eddy! Thanks for all the support in the peer mentor class, you were a great TA!

Perlita Payne: Hi Eddy, Congratulations on your graduation! You deserve it! Great having you in Cataloging and ePort. I hope you get the time to catch up on those John Green novels. All the best, Perlita

Amy Totten: Congratulations Eddy! You are a great example of a dedicated professional and the best kind of colleague. Thank you for the many kinds of support you provided to us peer mentors and to your fellow e-Portfolio classmates! All of the very best to you, Amy

Vanessa Holm: Congratulations Eddy! It was wonderful working with you this semester. I wish you all the best.

Laura Manning: Congratulations Eddy! Thanks for all your support to all of us finishing our ePorts this semester! Best of luck to you

Rennie Griffin: Eddy, your dedication and discipline have always been an inspiration. Congratulations on your wonderful success!!!

Cindy Runnels: Greetings and Congratulations to you, Eddy! It was wonderful working with you and I wish you all the best.

Eddy Hamelin

The degree of

Master of Library and Information Science

Virtual Convocation


Current residence: Marina, CA, US

I wanted to earn a masters degree because:

I wanted to learn something new and start a new career in the information services especially archiving since I have a passion for history.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:

my wife and children. Several of my classmates and instructors were supportive as well. There is a strong team spirit in the program.

While in the program, I met classmates from:

all over the United States and some of them were from outside the United States. It was interesting and fun meeting people from different places and sharing our different perspectives on things.

What I liked best about online learning was:

the flexibility it gave me in my planning my activities, and having the best instructors from all over the country teaching and sharing their real world experiences with us.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at the SJSU School of Information was:

being a peer mentor for LIBR 203 and my archival internship.

I plan to use my degree to:

to work in an archives and/or start my own information services business.

Now that I have completed the program, I'm most looking forward to:

starting my new career in the information services, volunteering for my local nonprofits and help them with recordkeeping and preserving local history, and of course spending more time with my family.