Dr. Mary C. Schutten

Dean of the SJSU College of Applied Sciences and Arts

Dear Graduates,

As dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, I am proud of the School of Information and every one of you. Today, you also deserve to be especially proud of yourselves.

You chose an innovative program that serves as a model for the university and for educational institutions around the world. Your school has won awards from the Online Learning Consortium, coached international universities on the development of online programs, and attracted students from 47 U.S. states and 18 countries. You're in good company.

You chose challenging coursework that has prepared you for a wide variety of information professions. Some of you will work in schools or universities, others will join public libraries, and others will find roles in corporations, nonprofits or government agencies.

You chose a dynamic profession, one that will continue to change as new technologies emerge and society evolves. You have been well prepared to thrive in positions that will be in place in the future. Keep learning and adapting, both on the job and through postgraduate programs, and continue to foster the learning of others as you move forward in your careers. You can support the future of the profession by hosting interns, mentoring tomorrow's students and sharing your experiences with colleagues. Your education won't end with a degree, and the value of your learning will continue to grow as you pay it forward.

You chose a vital, 21st century profession, and it is my honor to recognize your dedication to such critical work. We are so proud of you. Please don’t forget about us. Be proud of your alma mater. Tell everyone that you are a San Jose State grad. San Jose State University will always be a part of your past, and you are a vital part of our future. I encourage you to keep connected to the college and your school. Visit campus (both physically and virtually), keep in touch with your professors, and let us know how you are doing! Be a proud SJSU alum!


Dr. Mary C. Schutten
College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA)
San José State University