Dr. Sandra Hirsh

Director of the SJSU School of Information

Dear Graduates,

This time of year is always so special to me because it marks a significant milestone in your lives. I am very proud of your success and feel honored to have been a part of your learning journey.

Whether it’s a new teacher credential, master’s degree, certificate, or doctorate, your résumés are now stronger and demonstrate your hard work and dedication. At times it may have seemed this day would never come. But here you are on convocation day—a day in which we come together and celebrate your achievements. Your passion is to be commended.

During our live convocation ceremony, you’ll hear from me, our dean, our guest convocation speaker, and one of your peers. Listen carefully to their words and reflect upon your time at our school and ponder your future in the information profession. Today is a springboard for a plethora of exciting opportunities to come in your new role as 21st century information professionals.

Our school is fortunate to have a vast network of talented alumni. Today you join these Emerging Leaders, Movers & Shakers, I Love My Librarian award winners, and a host of other prestigious titles bestowed upon our alumni. I am confident you will also excel in virtual and physical career environments and contribute to the well-being of our global communities. I am very much looking forward to seeing your Alumni Career Spotlights.

My sincerest congratulations to you!

Sandra Hirsh, PhD
Professor and Director, School of Information
San José State University