Dr. Ruth Huard

Dean of the College of Professional and Global Education

As Dean of the College of Professional and Global Education, celebrating our graduates is one of the most special events for me, so I'm so happy to be able to share this time with our graduating class with friends and families and all the faculty and staff who supported our graduates.

Class of 2022, a warm congratulations on the culmination of your graduate degree. To the 720 graduates today, you have demonstrated your resourcefulness and resilience by completing a demanding course of study in the midst of a global crisis. We are so impressed with your calm determination and commitment to finishing what you have started.

Through the School of Information, you have been exposed and immersed into experiences, ideas, and knowledge that have prepared you well into this digital and information age. All of you have chosen vital 21st century disciplines with numerous opportunities to put your knowledge to practice, whether it's here in Silicon Valley or in your own home communities across the state, the nation, and the world. I know you will go very far and you will take your communities with you.

With our School of Information graduating more than 10% of all library information science professionals, you will soon be joining your fellow alumni in libraries, museums, think tanks, schools, government agencies, technology startups, creative agencies, social media firms, non-profits, and more. You will no doubt be significant contributors and leaders in these organizations and institutions.

And now I want to invite you to pause and remember with immense gratitude every person who has supported you and cheered you on in your journey to get to this moment. Do pause and really think about them and thank them. Yes, thank your moms, dads, partners, spouses, kids, grandparents, friends, and mentors. This celebration is made even more special by your loved ones' presence throughout your journey.

We the faculty, staff, and administration of this college are so very proud of you.

We cannot wait to see your future achievements.

Congratulations once again, and cheers to all of you.

Ruth Duran Huard, PhD
Dean, College of Professional and Global Education
San José State University