Kindra Baker


Dad: Congratulations on your degree. I'm so proud of your dedication and persistence. That's a very great accomplishment.

Kari: Yay! Congratulations Kindra! You have worked so hard for this. I'm very proud of you!!!! :)

Krystallin: Congrats my smart

Ladonna Baker: Congratulations! I love you!

Debbie Faires: Congratulations, Kindra! It's wonderful to see you accomplish this big goal. I'm glad we had the chance to work together when you were a peer mentor.

Kindra Baker

The degree of

Master of Library and Information Science

Virtual Convocation


Current residence: Fort Collins, CO, US

I wanted to earn a masters degree because:

I have dreamt of being a librarian since childhood. It is an excellent way to serve my community.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:

My husband Ben<br /> My sister Krystallin<br /> My family

While in the program, I met classmates from:

Canada, US, and Europe

What I liked best about online learning was:

My professors were from all across the US and Canada.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at the SJSU School of Information was:

Learning from the amazing professors

I plan to use my degree to:

Organize information and work in libraries or other information organizations

Now that I have completed the program, I'm most looking forward to:

Free time without homework!